Asus ZenWatch 2 starts at $70 for limited time, one model includes gift valued at $70

It feels like Android Wear smartwatches are making more headlines than ever of late, although maybe not in the way Google had hoped. Inaugurated back in 2014, the software platform got its first major revision last spring, which still failed to throw a monkey wrench into Apple’s market domination.

But at low enough prices, it’s hard to resist the Verizon Wear24, LG Watch Style, Huawei Watch 2 or even an ancient Asus ZenWatch 2. Released over two years ago, and replaced by an arguably prettier ZenWatch 3 that’s gone without a sequel of its own, the second-gen intelligent timepiece from Asus is still sold by retailers like B&H Photo Video.

For 24 hours only (technically, 15 left and counting), B&H’s exclusive DealZone includes a trio of Asus ZenWatch 2 models at absurdly low prices. Well, one is absurd, the second is also hard to resist, while the third feels a little underwhelming of a “bargain.”

As crazy as it sounds, you can pay just $69.95 for a 1.45-inch Android and iOS-compatible smartwatch with a gift worth up to $69.99 bundled in. That’s practically stealing, but you obviously need to make do with a not-so-handsome ZenWatch 2 version sporting a rose gold case and orange leather band.

You can go for one of three possible freebies, ranging in retail value from $19.99 to $69.99. The latter is a backup “Milanese” strap made of stainless steel, the former is an all-purpose light blue rubber strap, and if you prefer it, you can alternatively choose a $25-worth khaki leather strap.

Or you can pay $69.95 for a 1.63-inch Asus ZenWatch 2 variant with a gold case and gold metal band, no extra items included. Finally, a 1.45-inch silver case/silver metal band flavor is technically discounted as well, although it’s probably not worth $99.95.

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