Asus ZenPad 3S 8.0 breaks cover at Computex with little to no warning, aluminum unibody

While in the past Asus often crammed every possible product category into its Computex-opening keynote events, this year’s Taipei International Information Technology Show debuted in significantly more restrained and concentrated fashion for the local hero.

Instead of unveiling yet another massive slate of repetitive smartphones, smartwatches, VR headsets, tablets, laptops, desktops and everything in between, the company focused mainly on some interesting ultraportable computers, also touching upon the impending availability of the groundbreaking ZenFone AR.

As it turns out, there was a new Android slate on display as well, without so much as a heads-up, boring press release or quiet appearance on the OEM’s regional website. One eagle-eyed Computex 2017 attendee you may know from Twitter or German tech publication WinFuture did notice the Asus ZenPad 3S 8.0, model number Z582KL, snapping a few pics of both the actual device and its spec sheet.

As you can imagine, this is far from a major upgrade over last year’s ZenPad 3 8.0 (Z581KL) in any meaningful way, though it does double down on internal storage, with 32 and 64GB options replacing 16 and 32.

The processor is marginally improved too, with the hexa-core Snapdragon 650 making way for an octa 652, once again backed by up to 4GB RAM, though you can also choose a 3 gig “entry-level” configuration, up from the 8-inch ZenPad 3’s 2GB.

The “stunning” 2K display with VisualMaster technology is likely unchanged, and the same goes for all those premium audio enhancements and middling 4680 mAh battery. But of course, Android 7.1 Nougat runs the software show now, the two cameras rise from 8 and 2MP to 13 and 5MP resolution, and perhaps most importantly, the ultra-thin 6.9mm Asus ZenPad 3S 8.0 rocks an “aluminum unibody” instead of its predecessor’s “brushed metallic finish.” Alas, there are no words on a release date or price tag, in Taiwan or elsewhere.

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