Asus ZenFone AR availability is narrowed down to mid-June in Taiwan, early July on Verizon

The world’s first Tango and Daydream-enabled smartphone is almost here, though its exclusive US carrier still only lets you sign up for news on an actual commercial release. No dates, no pre-order details and absolutely no official pricing hints nearly five full months after the CES 2017 announcement of the groundbreaking Asus ZenFone AR.

What’s interesting is that Asus had no new stuff to unveil on the mobile hardware front at the Computex expo in Taipei, where multiple past-generation ZenFone variants vaguely debuted in previous years before ultimately getting their full deets revealed.

This probably goes to show the ZenFone AR is far from a gimmicky device doomed to vaporware, with its manufacturer fully committed to making it work. So committed in fact that, in close partnership with Google, Asus has apparently managed to get “about 40 to 50” Tango AR apps to “run stably” on Verizon’s impending immersive 5.7-incher.

The total number should exceed 1,000, yes, one thousand, sometime next year, and although Asus CEO Jerry Shen stayed mum on a potential sequel, it sounds to us like a near guarantee.

But the most important thing Shen disclosed in press interviews closely following the company’s pre-Computex 2017 keynote is that the ZenFone AR will “finally be launching in Taiwan in mid-June”, then stateside “as soon as end of June or early July.” That’s a maximum of six weeks away, ladies and gents!

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