There are 27 days to go until the February 27 MWC debut of the Asus ZenFone 5 family

After announcing the US expansion of the more than respectable ZenFone Max Plus (M1) mid-ranger back at CES in early January, Asus is planning to wow and… confuse us some more on February 27.

We’re 27 days away (and a few hours, according to a countdown clock on the Taiwanese company’s official website) from a Barcelona press event at MWC 2018 that will reveal “what the #Backto5 buzz is all about.”

While we’re not hearing a lot of buzz, at least not yet, it’s pretty easy to get baffled by that hashtag. As expected, the extensive ZenFone 4 lineup will be followed by a presumably wide range of Asus ZenFone 5-series devices going “back to 5.”

Some of you may have forgotten all about this OEM’s modest smartphone background, but we haven’t, and we distinctly remember a few ZenFone 5 versions released back in 2014 and 2015. But it’s not like you can still buy those anywhere, so the brand dilution and cannibalization risks are minimal.

Nonetheless, we hope it’ll be easier to tell the difference between members of the future Asus ZenFone 5 family than last year’s ZenFone 4 roster. Sometimes, less is more, so maybe it’d be wiser to bring just one or two main models to the 2018 Mobile World Congress. Fingers crossed, everybody!

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