ASUS ZenFone 4 release date could land in May

Mobile World Congress has become crowded and April is apoplectic Galaxy time. Late January is lacking, early February is empty. The question? When will ASUS launch the ZenFone 4 (will it even be called the ZenFone 4)?

Hopes that it would push forward with a “level up” in Qualcomm Snapdragon silicon at CES 2017 did not come through — though the two phones the company released were impressive in their own ways. So, now what?

Wait until May, suggests Digitimes. ASUS is planning on differentiating itself from the other manufacturers and also… from itself. A report said that the ZenFone 4 and its inevitable and multiple mutant variants will stray from its power for value lineage and strike a markedly premium tack in pricing.

You’ll notice that the ZenWatch 3 had a luxurious touch and price tag to it than previous devices.

ASUS, along with its Taiwanese cohorts, suffered in the balance sheets last year and slipped in device shipments, too. Its mobile unit strewn red ink for the first three quarters of 2016 and the holiday season didn’t bring it back above zero.

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