You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to suspect the third-generation ZenFone roster would break cover at Computex Taipei in late May or early June, after Asus chose to sit both January’s CES and February’s MWC out.

But the Taiwanese device manufacturer doesn’t want you to wonder anymore, at least not as far as the announcement date and venue are concerned. You can witness the “Zenvolution” on Monday, May 30, starting at 2 pm CST, at the Humble House in Taipei, with the company’s Computex booth then open between May 31 and June 4 to showcase all the new products.

All, meaning smartphones (ZenFones), tablets (ZenPads), laptops (ZenBooks), wearables (ZenWatches), and possibly even virtual reality headsets (ZenVRs?), although some of those might first see daylight in unfinished, unpolished, pre-release prototype form, with commercial debuts eyed for late Q3 or Q4.

Unfortunately, aside from the cryptic Zenvolution teaser and a countdown clock with more than 23 days left on it, Asus has nothing to share about exactly what’s coming. How many ZenFone 3 configurations? How many high-end and how many mid-range? Is there a 6GB RAM model in the works? A ZenWatch 3 with a circular body, perhaps? ZenPad convertibles? Standalone VR gadget?

The possibilities are endless, and the questions unanswered, so let’s just remain patient. 23 days, 14 hours and change to go…

Source: Asus Press Room

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