The “Zenvolution” might have been scheduled for the very beginning of Computex 2016, i.e. May 30, but Asus CEO Jerry Shen just told Digitimes the highly anticipated and long overdue ZenFone 3 roster will only see daylight in June.

Perhaps the Taiwanese company feels its new “mid-range segment”-targeting smartphones deserve a dedicated, glitzier announcement separate from the bulk of forgettable ZenPads and ZenBooks, as well as still-in-development ZenVRs.

Or maybe we’ll get to hear about and check out third-gen ZenFones in the flesh at more than one event, since they’re apparently headed for six countries by August, with a focus on increasing the average sales price.

Just like last year, the handhelds will be split in several categories, presumably ranging in retail costs from $200 or so to around $400. But unlike in 2015, Asus expects the Max derivation to account for almost two thirds of ZenFone 3 shipments, with the rest shared by “standard” and Deluxe configurations.

The ZenFone Max, in case you forgot, packed Snapdragon 410 processing power and no less than 5,000 mAh battery juice. Speaking of Qualcomm SoCs, Asus will need to rely heavily on them this time around, as Intel effectively threw in the mobile towel recently.

Still, you’ll be able to choose as well, with roughly 10 percent of ZenFone 3 units based on MediaTek silicon. It remains to be seen if Snapdragon 820 models are in the pipeline, which sounds unlikely after Jerry Shen’s “mid-range” remark. But the ZenFone 2 was also widely viewed as a mid-ranger, or rather an affordable flagship, and it managed to accommodate a then-novel 4GB RAM.

So, yeah, anything’s possible, including a dreamy Asus ZenFone 3 Max with a massive cell on deck, SD820 chip, and 6GB memory. Improbable? Sure. Impossible? Nope.

Source: Digitimes

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