Taiwan’s most valuable global brand continues its invasion of the uber-competitive US unlocked smartphone landscape with yet another incredibly affordable ZenFone 2 configuration. This one carries the confusing ZE551KL model number, starts at $200, and offers among others Full HD screen resolution and 3GB RAM.

First things first, let us stress the American ZenFone 2 Laser isn’t the same as the international variant, and it’s not identical to the ZD551KL, aka ZenFone Selfie, either. This is a scene-stealer in its own right, at 5.5 hefty inches, with upper mid-range Snapdragon 615 processing power in tow, as well as a memory count many laptops were unable to match not long ago.

Granted, the “new” Asus ZenFone 2 Laser falls a little behind the original multitasking beast unveiled way back in January, and priced at $300, plus the latest 4 gig RAM version, which costs $230. But what it loses in random-access memory, the ZE551KL gains in “lightning-fast” laser auto focus camera performance, dual active SIM LTE connectivity, and yes, user-removable battery.

Although the “entry-level” $200 option can only accommodate 16GB of data internally, that should be plenty, given you also have a microSDXC slot at your disposal for up to 128GB storage expansion. Still not enough for your digital hoarding needs? Then perhaps the 32GB config is closer to your heart, and hopefully pocket, at $250.

A carbon copy of all the other second-generation ZenFones on the outside, the 5.5-inch Laser packs 3,000 mAh cell juice, and will go on sale in the US later this month from the Asus Store and Newegg.

Source: Android Central

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