Asus has at least two smartphones slated for MWC 2018 announcements next Tuesday, February 27, one of which is expected to “borrow” the iPhone X notch while packing a hot new Snapdragon 845 processor.

But the multi-talented Taiwanese company is no longer waiting for any special event to commercially launch its rookie Windows Mixed Reality effort stateside. After all, we’ve been hearing about this dazzling headset for several months now, with immersive and affordable options from Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell and even Samsung available since October.

At $429, the untitled Asus Mixed Reality Headset is far from the cheapest of its kind, but at least it comes with a nifty pair of motion controllers for “natural, fine-tuned interactions.” Obviously, the “unique and beautiful 3D-pattern aesthetic” is what makes this stand out from a pack of pretty much identical devices from a specification standpoint.

Producing a “pattern of hundreds of 3D polygons” for the “futuristic design” of the HC102 is probably also what stalled its market debut, and considering all the recent discounts on the headset’s “cousins” and rivals, you have to wonder if the delay was truly worth the effort.

Then again, something tells us the Asus MR gadget deals will also come before long. Otherwise, how could it possibly compete against the Samsung Odyssey, currently sold for $399 by Microsoft?

For the time being, B&H Photo Video is taking $429 pre-orders with a promise to start shipping the product “soon”, but sales should be underway at Microsoft and Asus’ own US e-store in a matter of hours.

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