ASUS ROG Phone may take on Razer Phone in the United States

There’s been a glut of gaming phones pouring into China: Xiaomi’s Black Shark and nubia’s Red Magic bring the domestic heat while the Razer Phone is the latest to make its splash into the pool.

ASUS has leveraged its ROG brand for a gaming phone of its own and has been making plans for its war path. We still don’t have any official word of how much this hypercharged, supersonic, airtriggered machine will cost, but there is some hope that the United States will have a piece of it simply because the company has posted a sizzle page for the phone on its US site.

Every little detail is badged as a spotlit spec from the NXP 9874 amplifiers in the dual front-facing stereo speakers to the 3.5mm audio jack. Accessories are also tossed into the bottom of the page like the TwinView Dock that converts the device into a two-panel foldable portable console to the Mobile Desktop Dock and another wireless dock for streamed gaming.

But heed, just because ASUS can market a device to its vast audiences doesn’t mean all of it will have said product(s) available to all of them. After all, the biggest pond with the most fish of all is the Middle Kingdom.

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