Asus is expected to unveil the Padfone Mini sometime next week, according to the latest reports, to complements its line-up of current and past models, consisting of the original Padfone, Padfone 2, and Padfone Infinity. The Padfone Mini is expected to have a smaller phone counterpart, at 4.3-inches, compared to the current five-incher on the Infinity.

@evleaks has posted the press renders above and below for the Padfone Mini, and, if our eyes can judge sizes correctly, we’re probably looking at a seven-inch-ish (up to eight) tablet counterpart in which the 4.3-inch phone docks. There are no more details, neither concerning specs, pricing, nor the actual unveiling. What we do know from previous reports is that the 4.3-inch screen will be a qHD unit, instead of a 720p one.

The entire Padfone line-up generated mixed feelings between reviewers, as well as on the market. How about the Padfone Mini? Fancy one?

ASUS Padfone Mini press renders

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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