This is the Asus Padfone being introduced tomorrow: a package consisting of an Android smartphone and tablet to dock it with. Dock inside is more appropriate, as the “fone” appears to be fully consumed by the “Pad” when the two are merged.

asus padfone hero

Details are not yet clear on how this arrangement will work, but one thing we can discern from the renders is that Asus has indeed kept good on its word to continue a licensing arrangement with former hardware partner Garmin. Full specs and functionality will very likely be revealed tomorrow at Computex in Taiwan, and we’re quite interested to see how the Motorola Webtop paradigm translates to the tablet world.

asus padfone slate

asus padfone back

We also expect the tablet to be available in two colors: copper and black. To save on costs and to fully take advantage of the unique integration between the phone and the tablet, ASUS will allow the camera lens to “show through” a hole in the cover that protects the phone. From this view we can also see a pair of speaker meshes, which suggests that the tablet has dual speakers.

asus padfone flat

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