Asus introduced (after a long period of waiting) the Padfone at this year’s MWC, an interesting concept of a phone which docks into a tablet and lends its internals to power the bigger screen. Now Asus is preparing for announcing the follow-up, the Padfone 2, and we’re seeing official press renders being leaked (after a previous pseudo-hands-on).

Opposed to the Padfone, the phone part of the Padfone 2 is no longer enclosed fully in the casing of the tablet. As you can see in the images below it docks in while still being visible (the previous iteration had a door which was cut out for the camera). It also appears that the phone has a teardrop tapered shape making it thinner towards the edges. Check out the rest of the pics below while we’re wondering about the second iteration of the stylus which also serves as a bluetooth headset when the phone is docked.

In terms of specs, the phone in the Padfone 2 has a larger, 4.7-inch screen, and the camera has also been bumped up to 13-megapixels. We will definitely be waiting for more details on Tuesday, October 16, when Asus is expected to make this refresh official. Fingers crossed it will not take as long as it took the original Padfone to get to the market.

Source: Twitter

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