The US Federal Trade Commission has been cracking down of late on everything from “anticompetitive” licensing practices employed by Qualcomm to BLU’s loose privacy protection programs and illegal warranty coverage provisions stipulated by six “major companies.”

For some reason, probably the worst data collection scandal of the US mobile industry in recent memory has seen Miami-based BLU Products get barely a slap on the wrist from the FTC, which also left out the names of the six companies urged to revise their warranty conditions in that press release a few weeks back.

Of course, offering examples of “questionable provisions” that need to be removed as soon as possible to comply with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act made it easy to identify Nintendo, Sony and Hyundai as three of the accused six.

It turns out Asus, HTC and Microsoft are the other three, according to official documents obtained by Motherboard after filing a Freedom of Information Act. So, no, Apple is not on the list, at least not this time, despite constantly trying to hinder third-party iPhone repairs using “unauthorized” parts.

Apparently, the FTC’s letters asking the six “major companies that market and sell automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems in the United States” to change their warranty language within 30 days or face legal action are yet to yield the desired results.

For instance, Asus continues to explicitly exclude products with “broken or altered” warranty seals from the smartphone and PC manufacturer’s “limited warranty service”, while Nintendo’s video game console warranty “shall not apply” if said products are “used with products not sold or licensed” by the company. Still, it’s important for consumers to know their rights, to learn exactly what companies are infringing upon said rights, and hopefully, see them suffer the consequences of their unlawful actions.

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