ASUS Fonepad vs Google Nexus 7 (Video)

You know you wanted it! ASUS Fonepad vs Google Nexus. Here it is!

If you have to have an earpiece on your tablet and finally leave your phone at home while you’re out then the ASUS Fonepad is definitely the one to choose between the two. However, if the lack of an earpiece is not a deal-breaker for you then take a look at the video below where we inspect the Google Nexus 7 and the ASUS Fonepad, side-by-side, in our usual comparison.

The Nexus 7 is soon going to turn one year old and a follow up is just around the corner, or it should be, judging by the usual Google release cycle and common sense. However, the ASUS-made Google tablet is still a great solution for those looking for solid build, decent performance, and an excellent price.

The Fonepad is made by the same company, ASUS. It was introduced at this year’s MWC and has two main selling points: the Intel Lexington platform powering it, through an Atom Z 2420 processor, and the earpiece up top, which is a great addition for those who don’t want to carry a phone and a tablet, as well as for those that don’t want to talk on their tablets using the speakerphone or bluetooth accessory options.

Let’s compare these two, otherwise almost twins in terms of looks. We’ll look at hardware, performance, and user experience.

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