Several OEMs have issued detailed announcements regarding Android 6.0 updates lately, with both names of phones due for software makeovers and loose timelines. A couple manufacturers in a hurry even got the Marshmallow ball rolling, while Samsung remains silent on the matter, helping professional tipsters earn a living.

Then there’s Asus, which just came forward with official confirmation of future Android M “support” for the PadFone S, ZenFone 2 ZE550ML and ZE551ML, ZenFone 2 Deluxe, aka Special Edition, ZenFone 2 Laser (all configurations), and ZenFone Selfie.

Good news? Sure, in a way. But alas, we’ve no idea when are all those Lollipop-running handhelds meant to make the switch. Probably, next year, starting with the most popular ZenFone 2 models in Q1.

Speaking of the ZenFone 2 however, we can’t help but notice the humblest family member is absent from the above list, despite going official earlier this year. We’re talking the ZE500CL SKU, with dual-core Intel Atom inside and 2GB RAM.

Also missing is the photography-oriented ZenFone Zoom, not to mention the ultra-low-cost ZenFone Go or the Snapdragon 410-powered ZenFone Max that literally just broke cover at IFA a couple of months back.

Did you already forget those, Asus? How about first-gen ZenFones that aren’t yet two years old and feature decent specs like 720p displays and quad-core chips? Or ZenPads, why aren’t there any ZenPads on the Android Marshmallow-ready inventory? Surely it’s not complete and final, because otherwise, the projected 2016 rise in sales may not happen after all. We need timely and/or guaranteed updates to stay interested.

Source: Asus ZenTalk

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