When Asus let the cat out of the bag back in February regarding the Q4 2016 launch of a mystery “phone based VR/AR” device, everyone figured we’d hear more come Computex. Indeed, the company’s home turf-set tech expo saw an inconspicuous-looking piece of head gear break cover a few days ago, only the leather-strapped gizmo remains completely cloaked in secrecy.

Meanwhile, we have absolutely nothing to report on the “PC based VR” front, with Asus likely working behind the scenes alongside Oculus to further strengthen the HTC Vive barricade, but a commercial product still a little ways down the road.

Unfortunately, the same can now be said about a separate augmented or mixed reality gadget, which may or may not be that Samsung Gear VR-similar prototype sighted in Taipei earlier this week.

What’s pretty much set in stone is the secretive headset has been put on hold “at the request of a very big player.” CNET speculates this could be augmented reality pioneer Microsoft, which continues to struggle with the development of a consumer HoloLens model, though obviously, the information is impossible to verify at this time.

Asus says the “earliest” its AR device can see daylight following the unplanned delay is January 2017, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, while an actual rollout would take place later in the year. Essentially, we know nothing, and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Source: CNET

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