The first Android Wear devices are up for sale, and those of you who got your orders in for the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live should see them start shipping out in just over a week. Priced at around $230 and $200, respectively, both models are pretty approachable; this may not be buy-it-on-a-whim money or anything, but they’re quite a bit more affordable than, say, the $300 Samsung Gear 2. But is this sort of ~$200 level going to be where additional Android Wear models land, as well? Pricing for the Moto 360 isn’t yet available, but it’s almost certainly going to come in more expensive than the G Watch. Is there any chance of seeing Android Wear watches priced much lower? Maybe down in the $100s somewhere? That’s sounding pretty likely, as rumors discuss plans for a budget-priced ASUS smartwatch.

ASUS has already said that it’s probably releasing a smartwatch sometime in Q3, and this new source claims that we’re looking specifically at an Android Wear model, and that it’s likely to launch in September.

Pricing for this ASUS smartwatch would seriously undercut Samsung’s and LG’s offerings, with expectations that it would sell for somewhere in the $100 to $150 range. That falls between what we pay now for display-less fitness trackers and the first-gen Pebble, so the idea of a fully-featured Android Wear model hitting those same price points is pretty exciting.

As for the watch itself, the only detail we’ve yet to pick up on is that it would reportedly feature an OLED display.

Source: TechCrunch

Update: @evleaks is weighing in with some info on the watch. Codenamed Robin, it’ll be “the thinnest device in the category” — whether that means the Android Wear category, or the smartwatch category as a whole, we don’t know. But that’s a pretty impressive feat if ASUS can pull it off.

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