Asus and LG poke fun at ‘bumpy’ iPhone Smart Battery Case

As much as Apple may have tried to keep the launch of its first ever battery life-extending iPhone accessory on the down low, the interwebs blew up with mostly aversion to the “Smart Case’s” distasteful bulge.

CEO Tim Cook quickly jumped to the defense of his design team, trying to excuse the poor aesthetic choice by highlighting ease of use and removal simplicity compared to often rigid third-party options.

Still, what you see is what stays with you more often than not, and you can’t argue the iPhone 6 or 6s looks pretty when cloaked in the juice pack. Even worse for Cupertino, there are Android handhelds on the market that provide comparable endurance numbers out the box, at a fraction of this fugly ensemble’s price, and somehow, they manage to avoid eye-vexing bulk too.

Case in point, the Asus ZenFone Max, which features a 5,000 mAh cell, no auxiliary parts needed, reportedly lasting a whopping 37 hours in continuous talk time while measuring 10.6mm thick. On Twitter, Asus says “you don’t need that extra pack when you have the maximum power in one”, and the jab, though subtle and surprisingly civil, is clear as day.

LG V10 vs iPhone

LG Jordan leaves all diplomacy and courtesy aside, calling for “a moment of silence for those experiencing a bumpy ride.” The Korean OEM goes on to plug the V10 as offering “no bumps, just goosebumps”, and wraps up its verbal war tweet with a deriding #TheHump hashtag. Oh snap, we wonder how close LG was to also linking to that old “My Humps” pop hit by The Black Eyed Peas.

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