Asus And Google Work On a New Nexus 7, Snapdragon CPU This Time

With Google I/O just around the corner, most of our bets are set on the next version of Android, and the successor to the current Nexus 7 to be released. There’s no denying that Google’s 7-inch tablet has been a complete success, and even with it’s short comings, it’s unbelievable price and benefits have proven to be enough to garner its own cult following.

New rumors already have Google working once again with Asus on the Nexus 7 successor. Rumors have this device sporting a narrower bezel, better screen resolution, and a new Snapdragon CPU to ditch the disappointing Tegra 3 that currently powers the Nexus 7. The release date is set to be in July, even though the new device will most likely be announced at Google I/O in late May.

Obviously the next question is if Google will be able to improve the screen quality as well, while retaining the price tag. This will most likely reach rumor mill soon, so stay tuned on the next batch of probabilities from Google’s most beloved and successful Nexus product.

Update: Reuters is reporting that we might see a price drop for the tablet at $149, though it’s still too early to know if this version will include 32GB of storage, as the entry-level 8GB of the first Nexus 7 proved to be quite insufficient. Surely it was later bumped to 16GB, but it’s too early to know what the future Nexus 7 will include in its entry-level model.

Via: Unwired View

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