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ARM processor roadmap leaked, 10 and 16nm CPUs are next

By Jaime Rivera April 23, 2015, 3:53 pm
arm cortex a15

Miniaturization has been the name of the evolution game over the last few years as mobile devices are now more powerful that some of the technology currently used in outer Space.The evolution the ARM’s RISC-based architecture has been key in allowing the mobile device revolution of the last few years, and according to certain leaks, miniaturization is still a work in progress.

A leaked ARM presentation shows us the reference design for ARM processors in the future, and all point to 10 and 16nm CPUs with Greek mythology codenames. Ares would be the high end 10nm core processor with a 1-1.2W power envelope that would be best suited for large tablets and even laptop designs. Then we have Prometheus, which would most likely be the high-end 10nm processor core for smartphones under the 600-750mW power envelope. Artemis is a 16nm core with the same power envelope as Prometheus, and which might point to it being a LITTLE component of a big.LITTLE configuration with Prometheus. Other lower end cores are Ananke and Mercury listed at the bottom, for which little information is provided, but we assume these are for mid-range or entry level devices.

It’s hard to predict how early we might see processors with this new architecture. The way it goes is that usually ARM has to publish these before manufacturers follow.


Source: Fudzilla
Via: Android Police

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