ARM debuts Cortex-A55, Cortex-A75 and Mali-G72 GPU

While SoftBank now owns the company, ARM is on business as usual as it has introduced its new mid-range and high-end packages as well as an improved GPU.

The ever-so-versatile Cortex-A53 — it’s in so many Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset you wouldn’t believe — gets replaced with the Cortex-A55. The latest extensions of the ARMv8-A architecture are pre-packed, there’s an extra bit of cache OEMs can opt for from the A53, but of course, the end result has got to be the benchmark improvement:

  • Integer: +18%
  • Floating point: +20%
  • NEON SIMD: +40%
  • JavaScript: +15%
  • Memory: +200%

Thanks to the new DynamIQ big.LITTLE standard, it can work four cores to four of the Cortex-A75 as we’ve usually seen or go as far as 1 big and 3 LITTLE or even 7 LITTLE for those quad- and octa-core chipsets.

Speak of the Cortex-A72 descendant, the A75 marks a 20 percent core performance jump and a 50 percent multi-core draft. The Mali-G72 GPU comes in to complete the announcement, upping efficiency from the G71 by 17 percent and benchmarks by 40 percent.

All of these elements have been created with artificial intelligence and machine learning in mind as assistant services, 5G and IoT services plus advanced productivity tasks work to task the hardware they’re running on harshly.

Then again, you could just be sitting on said benchmarks at this point, waiting to verify everything yourself.

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