Intel might be off of its own struggling horses for mobile. With 10nm ARM-based chips on the way, LG will be happy to buy up some of the legacy chipmaker’s new products soon.

But Tawian Semiconductor Manufacturing Company could be facing some competition if Intel’s chipsets are proven to be good enough and catch Apple’s eye. Analysts are pointing to Intel getting a share of the modem orders for the upcoming iPhone as a good indicator that if the company can bring a good ARM SoC to play, Apple may hire it to make its chips — slightly different than ARM’s designs.

Intel still has catching up to do, though. The company has not fully licensed all possible privileges from ARM and delays have wrought the schedule for its 10nm chips. And then there’s the Basis Peak fitness wearable recall, thanks to overheating Intel chips — not a sign of confidence.

All that said, it may take at least three years from now until we see a possible deal happen and not without some bargain pushing from Apple in getting chipsets for macOS devices. Meantime, Qualcomm, TSMC and Samsung will surely be catching up with each other, garnering Infinite Loop some price leverage.

Via: 9to5Mac

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