ARM announces Cortex-A12 processor, Mali-T622 GPU

ARM announces Cortex-A12 processor, as we’re seeing a cornucopia of devices being unveiled at Computex, and not only. The chip-maker aims to “power the 580 million mid-range mobile devices expected over the next two years”, and wants to do that with the new Cortex-A12 processor and the Mali-T622 GPU.

ARM’s new Cortex-A12 processor is claimed to bring a 40% performance boost over the Cortex-A9 architecture, while consuming the same amount of power. It also supports ARM’s big.LITTLE processing technology with the Cortex-A7 processor, alongside unleashing features which, according to the maker, are found in premium smartphones and tablets.

As far as the Mali-T622 GPU is concerned, it is fully OpenGL ES 3.0 compliant, and supports Renderscript and OpenCL APIs. ARM claims the GPU is the “smallest full profile GPU Compute solution available for mobile devices”.

Additionally, ARM also introduces the “energy efficient Mali-V500” multi-core video solution. It is claimed to reduce system bandwidth requirements “by more than 50 percent compared to currently available solutions” while being capable of “1080p/60 encode and decode to multiple cores supporting ultra-high definition 4K at a blistering 120 frames per second”.

Mid-next-year is when devices with the new Cortex-A12 processor and Mali-T622 GPU are expected to hit the market.

Source: ARM

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