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ARKit will let iPhones play with objects that interact in real/virtual life

By Jules Wang June 5, 2017, 2:42 pm

Apparently, you don’t need fifteen thousand sensors and cameras in order to tango with augmented reality. Apple’s introducing ARKit for third-party developers to work with the iPhone’s native camera, motion coprocessors and standard CPU/GPUs to produce applications.

Placing objects on a table should be no problem, especially as you track and pan around the object with objects. Pokemon GO! gets even realer with high fluidity animations with relative plots. All the standard graphics runners such as Unreal and Unity can link in. Companies like Ikea and Wingnut AR are already testing out experiences for apps.

Apple boasts that ARKit’s wide-reaching developer links will make it the largest platform for AR development immediately. The feature will be ready for iOS 11 this fall.

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