Are You Loyal to Your Smartphone Platform?

Back in the early days of smartphones when your only choice was between a BlackBerry, Palm OS, or Windows Mobile device, smartphone loyalty was pretty high. Windows Mobile users looked forward to the latest and greatest from HTC, Palm users were wooed by progressively thinner form factors of the Treo line, and BlackBerry users didn’t have any other choice because of their work only supported one type of device.

Today, it’s much more difficult to be loyal to a given platform. If you have an iPhone, you’re probably craving the customizability of Android. If you’re a BlackBerry user, you’d probably jump at the opportunity to try something slick and new, like Windows Phone 7. There are just so many good options available for every platform that it’s difficult to have tunnel vision and remain loyal to just one platform.

The data backs up this reversal of loyalty. A new survey reveals that just 25% of smartphone users want to stick with their current platform. Most of these loyal users are iPhone users, who probably feel well invested in the Apple ecosystem of iTunes, apps, iBooks, and the many other products and services that Apple leverages across many devices.

How about you? What platform are you currently using? Do you feel loyal to that platform? Why or why not?

Source: Reuters

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