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Archos Releasing Home Cordless Phone with Android

…but why?
By Stephen Schenck December 27, 2011, 5:34 pm

Beyond just straight-up smartphones, we like to tell you about other products that exist right on the fringe of that classification. Sometimes that means tablets, and sometimes it means Android-running watches. The latest to walk that line is in many ways a traditional smartphone, but one you're meant to use at home instead of over a cellular network.

The Archos 35 Smart Home Phone is basically a high-end cordless phone running Android. Unlike an Android phone being used with a carrier that supports calls over WiFi, the Archos SHP employs DECT, a digital cordless phone standard, for relaying voice calls between the handset and its base station. Of course, there's also WiFi connectivity, for apps and web browsing, but the phone aspect of the system is still directly compatible with existing analog POTS lines.


The actual hardware consists of a Froyo-running handset with a 1GHz processor and a 3.5-inch display in an unusual 272×480 resolution. Add in 8GB of storage and a VGA front-facing camera, and we're somewhere between a low- and mid-range device. Maybe with a little more storage, Gingerbread, or at the least a WVGA screen, we'd be closer to solid mid-range territory. Then again, the choice of these particular components may be what's letting Archos offer the phone for just about $160. Details on the SHP's release plans aren't yet available.

Source: Archos

Via: Phandroid


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