One of the biggest hurdles that most smartwatch manufacturers are facing lately, is the price tag of the products they sell. Surely watches can be extremely expensive, but this is mainly a benefit that certain companies have after decades of proven quality. The smartwatch is still a niche in the process of becoming relevant, which will take a while before it becomes ubiquitous, and therefore, one company feels that it should start fixing the price problem.

Archos has just shown us that its willing to give us a good smartwatch at an affordable $50 price tag this summer. This device will bare very few differences to the Pebble in its design and functionality, and avoid going overboard like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, with features that don’t really add to the experience you’re expecting from a watch.

According to Archos, we should expect more than one watch from them as part of its strategy to make a dent in the market, and hopefully this will allow the company to innovate when it comes to design. It’ll be hard to predict if the company will succeed, but we definitely hope they can push the needle.

Via: 9to5Mac

Image: Engadget

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