Archos 133 Oxygen only has massive screen and low price point going for it

With a little over 48 hours still left until Apple officially brings the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to light, one day to go for the glitzy LG V20 presentation in San Francisco, and IFA 2016 effectively wrapped up, there’s not much to do today but recap last-minute speculation and take a look back at what may have slipped through the Berlin cracks.

Lenovo, Alcatel and Archos all had a few lower-profile gadget announcements that initially flew under our radar, ultimately earning their 15 (more like 5) minutes of ephemeral fame. The Archos 133 Oxygen, for instance, has only sheer size and affordability going for it, at 13.3 inches and a British recommended retail price of £180.

Due out in November worldwide, at €/$200 tops, depending on market presumably, the aptly titled 13.3-incher lacks any sort of distinguishing quality, convertible angle, or iPad Pro/Surface Pro 4/Galaxy View/Lenovo Yoga-rivaling add-on.

No docking station in tow, keyboard, built-in kickstand, pen support or anything like that. Just Full HD screen resolution, octa-core Rockchip RK3368 processing power, 2GB RAM, 64GB expandable storage, near-stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 5/2MP cameras, and a seemingly large 10,000mAh battery that however only promises an “average” 5 hours video playback time between charges.

The Archos 133 Oxygen isn’t particularly good-looking either, with metal “finishes” and a “soft touch feeling”, measuring 10.5mm thick at a weight of 1170 grams.

Source: Archos

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