April’s Android distribution chart is still messed up, with Lollipop on top and Nougat at 4.9 percent

The first Android O developer preview is out, so naturally, it’s time for Google to remind us just how few of the world’s mobile devices run the latest major OS version in circulation more than seven months in.

Nougat’s market share is finally rising at a decent pace, but alas, it’s way too late now for 7.0 and 7.1 to combine into the dominant Android flavor before Oreos become the hottest commercial treat. According to Google Play data collected in the week leading up to April 3, 4.9 percent of active Android products are on Nougat, which is still far less than those powered by Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat and even Jelly Bean.

Back in early March, Nougat scored a total of 2.8 percentage points, and the month before that, it was just 1.2 percent, so at least there’s hope of a surge to 10 or 20 soon enough, especially with the spring avalanche of new flagship phones, all of which offer (mostly) up-to-date software out the box.

What’s worth emphasizing however is that Android 7.1 hasn’t ticked up from its minuscule 0.4 percent share, which continues to be exceeded even by archaic Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. At the top of the ranks, Marshmallow is now less than one percent behind gold medalist Lollipop, with 31.2 vs. 32 points, while KitKat holds relatively steady in third place, at 20 percent. Such a messed up ecosystem!

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