apple solo loop breaking

With Apple Watch Series 7 on the horizon, owners of the current generation Apple Watch are starting to report some issues. According to some fellows on Reddit, Apple’s Solo Loop band doesn’t hold strong.

Some of the replies in the discussion say the accessory “stretches out” over time, while some are reporting “cuts” and “cracks” in the $50 accessory.

“I loved the [S]olo [L]oop as it truly was the most comfortable band and was my daily. Unfortunately, a micro tear developed and it finally ripped after about 10 months,” said user “GPT96.” “I would replace it but they’re too expensive and the standard sport band, while not as comfortable, gets the job done.”

Brazilian YouTuber March Will has also reported a similar issue with his Solo Loop in which his band (literally) cut in half.

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Apple introduced Solo Loop with Apple Watch Series 6. The company said the band takes away the stress of wearing the watch again and again. It’s a specialized, stretchable silicone material that attaches the Apple Watch to the wrist without a traditional closure. But, it seems like the band hasn’t held up.

Some commentators on Reddit were able to get a replacement from Apple, but others simply accepted the loss and switched to another band.

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    Do you use a Solo Loop band with your Apple Watch? How’s your experience been? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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