One of the biggest questions that was left on the table with the launch of the iPhone 6 is its lack of sapphire. We heard significant teasers that Apple would include the technology on its latest smartphones, tablets and wearables, and for the time being the material can only be found on certain elements of the iPhone 6. If you’re wondering why this is, it seems that a new twist in the production of sapphire could be to blame.

Apple’s sapphire partner GT Advanced Technologies has just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That said, it seems that there isn’t much to worry about here. GT Advanced Technologies seems to only be protecting its assets from debt while it can solve its financial issues, which we did learn were quite significant a couple of weeks ago. The company has confirmed that it will continue with its production plans, though none of these are public yet. At this moment it’s hard to predict if this is also a result of the company not being able to meet Apple’s demands with the iPhone 6, or if the losses were planned.

We’re expecting sapphire to be an elemental part of the Apple Watch, so we should learn more about the future of this company in the weeks to come.

Source: TechCrunch

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