Apple’s Next iPhone to Feature 3.95-inch Widescreen Display?

If you follow the Apple and “next iPhone” related news you probably already know that the vast majority of rumors circulating on the interwebs is related to the display on the iPhone 4S follow-up. From “larger-than-four-inch” to “four inch” we’ve heard them all, even that the late Steve Jobs was actually working on the next Apple smartphone himself.

According to the most recent reports, Apple is testing at least two prototypes codenamed iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2 (though the numbering might refer to color variants — black and white — as well as storage options). However, the interesting bit is that the screen on the “iPhone 5” will not only be a larger one, measuring 3.95-inches (which is close to four), but it will be a widescreen display. The added height will also add more pixels to the “Retina” display with rumors talking about 640 x 1136 resolution (compared to the current 640 x 960).

This would of course create a shift in Apple’s ecosystem as currently all applications designed for the iPhone take advantage of the 1.5 pixel aspect ration which was present on all Apple smartphones from the very beginning. Switching to a 1.77 aspect ratio will require developers to add code to their applications since Apple couldn’t live with stretching the canvas or not filling the screen.

Adding to the rumors is the fact that, allegedly, iOS 6 will not only take advantage of the larger, widescreen, display, but it will also add an additional line of icons, for a total of 20 plus the four in the dock. Last but not least: the next iPhone will utilize the new dock connector (we heard about it back in February).

Let us know of your thoughts on these latest rumors and also how would a widescreen iPhone appeal to you? We’ve made our own mock-up for your viewing pleasure!

Source: 9to5mac

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