Apple’s Next iPhone Could Be Thinner Due To New Screen Technology, Will Reportedly Use nanoSIM

In case you were missing your daily dose of iPhone 5 rumors — or whatever the name of the next Apple smartphone will be — the Wall Street Journal chimes in, quoting “people familiar with the matter”, claiming that the phone could be thinner.

This can be mainly due to the fact that Apple will allegedly go with a new type of display for its next phone, using so-called in-cell technology, which doesn’t need an extra layer above the display itself for the touch sensor but incorporates it inside the screen. The extra layer is usually a couple of microns thick but even that small dimensions could be important when producing a phone.

Also, this new screen, will improve display quality; it is allegedly in production and waiting to be incorporated in the next Apple phone which, according to Financial Times, will use nanoSIM cards instead of the currently used microSIMs, being also 40% smaller. According to the aforementioned publication, European carriers are already stocking up on these small SIM cards in anticipation of the next iPhone.

Source: WSJ, FT
Via: KnowYourMobile

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