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Well, it seems that someone at Apple was paying attention to the results of the torture tests applied to the previous generation iPad Pro. Unfortunately, both the 12.9 and the 11-inch models weren’t strong enough to endure the last part of JerryRigEverything’s test. Still, it turns out that the latest Apple M1 iPad Pro is stronger than expected.

I have to be honest, I was expecting the latest M1 iPad Pro to suffer the same outcome as its predecessors, but apparently, Apple learned from its mistakes. The newest 12.9-inch iPad pro powered by Apple Silicon entered the torture test to reveal that it still features the microphone hole on the left side and the magnetic pencil dock on the right side of the metal frame to hold the second-generation iPad Pencil. This made us believe that the device was also going to give in to the bend test, as these were the weakest points in the aluminum frame of the previous iPad Pro models that failed the test.

As always the scratch test, the first real test is where we find that the latest M1 iPad Pro starts scratching at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level seven, like most smartphones in the market. He then went on to confirm that the iPad Pro has a metal frame and individual metal volume buttons, but he also mentions that the new model is half a millimeter thicker than its predecessors, which could make its metal structure stronger.

The mini-LED display was tortured by four different flames at the same time, with its pixels turning black after around 17 seconds of being exposed to direct heat. After that, however, the pixels recovered and kept on working without a problem. And then, in the end, the bend test proved that the M1 iPad Pro is indeed tougher than before.

We saw both the frame and the display flex when bent from behind, showing us that this mini-LED panel is rather flexible. Unfortunately, this pressure also made the display go out of the aluminum frame, but it survived, as it flexed instead of snapping in half as its predecessors. Still, we wouldn’t recommend you to sit down on your new M1 iPad Pro.

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