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Apple has so far sold two types of gift cards – the Apple Store Gift cards for purchasing products from an Apple Store (both online and retail) and the App Store & iTunes Gift cards for purchasing games, apps, music and subscription. But things have been a bit confusing for buyers when it comes to the limitations of each card. That is about to change for good, though.

The company has now launched what you might call a universal gift card for ‘Everything Apple.’ Apple says the new universal gift card can be used to purchase “products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud, and more.” As always, you can buy the new gift card online, choose a design and also add a personalized message to the person you’re sending it.

The products and platforms across which the new universal Apple gift card works.

You can choose from a total of eight designs if you purchase a digital card and five design options for a physical gift card that will be sent via an email. Currently, the new Apple gift card is exclusive to the US market. The older Apple Store Gift Cards and the App Store & iTunes Gift Cards will continue to be valid, but they are no longer up for purchase on Apple’s website.

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