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Apple’s iPad Pro could soon feature wireless charging

By Samuel Martinez January 14, 2022, 9:26 pm

Apple has been improving its wireless charging capabilities with the arrival of MagSafe wireless chargers, so it was a matter of time to get this feature on more Apple devices. We have wireless charging on several iPhone models, AirPods Pro, and it seems that we may soon get wireless charging in the upcoming iPad Pro models, or at least that Mark Gurman believes.

The first time we received information about an iPad Pro with wireless charging capabilities was back in June 2021, when Mark Gurman suggested that Apple was working to deliver a new iPad model with a glass back instead of the aluminum enclosure. The main reason for this change was to allow a future iPad model to charge wirelessly. And it seems that Apple may have found a way to include wireless charging support in its upcoming iPad Pro, as Gurman claims that this model may arrive in 2022.


However, Apple may have ditched the idea of using a glass back, as this concept wouldn’t be as durable as the aluminum enclosure that we find in current iPad models. Instead, the latest information claims that Cupertino could have developed some iPad Pro prototypes with a larger Apple logo made of glass, to make wireless charging possible.

One of these prototypes is reported to feature MagSafe with stronger magnets than the ones found in current iPhones to avoid accidental damage. Further, it is also said that these prototypes would also support faster wireless speeds than the ones found in the latest iPhones with MagSafe support.

We can’t know for sure if Apple will indeed give us a new iPad Pro with a glass Apple logo or not, but at least rumors seem to agree in the fact that we will most likely get wireless charging in 2022. So right now, all we can do is wait for new leaks and information that can somehow confirm this information or wait until Apple releases its new powerful tablets. But before you get all excited over these rumors, remember that Apple is also great at keeping upcoming products under wraps.

Via: 9to5Mac


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