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There are many reports of Apple working on more OLED devices, and recently we’ve also reported that Apple might release more OLED equipped iPads in the near future. A new report says that it expects Apple to release the first OLED iPad in 2023.

The information is coming from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) that posted the news in a report today. Apple is expected to enter the market with an AMOLED display that will be 10.9-inches, likely meaning that it will be an iPad Air (via MacRumors).

There were a number of reports shared in the past saying that Apple is working on an OLED iPad, but the display technology has been limited to the iPhones, Apple Watch and Macbook Pro Touch Bar devices up until now. Apple has been rumored to bring the OLED display technology to the iPad and more Mac devices for a very long time.

We’ve heard a number of rumors in the past month about the iPads, and Apple wanting to increase the display size for the already existing iPad Pro models. Then there was news about a 10.9-inch iPad Air. A number of other credible sources also mentioned similar predictions, so it all seems to line up with what we’ve heard so far. Do remember that 2023 is still far away, so things could still change, and they likely will.

OLED displays are expensive and although they are mass produced by a number of companies such as Samsung and LG, Apple sells iPads in large volumes, so the supply chain also needs to be prepared for such large quantities to produce enough. The DSCC report also suggests that Apple will “cancel the Touch Bar” in the future, and go back to the normal function row of keys on new Macbook Pro devices.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming OLED iPad? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments!

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