Apple’s new 3D Touch technology could be considered as one of the only selling points for the new iPhone 6s. Surely if you ask Apple’s advertisement, everything changed, but once you dig deep into using Cupertino’s new products, you notice that it all revolves around this new interaction feature. Developer adoption is key for this to grow into something important over time though, and that particular challenge is what supplier’s are already talking about.

TPK is Apple’s component supplier for this touch display technology, and the company’s CEO Michael Chung has just sat down to discuss adoption rates for this technology. Chung claims that it could take as long as a year for 3D Touch to be widely adopted by developers, and then up to 3 years for users to go from finding it as a “nice to have” feature to a must have. The reason for this statement is important though, as TPK is currently struggling to turn a profit, even with Apple’s added business. This particular market is crowded with competition, so it makes sense for TPK to have given Apple a price that was too god to be profitable in order to land the negotiation.

What’s important is that 3D Touch is here to stay, and as Apple continues to expand the feature to other products, we should see more “needs” for it in the future.

Source: C Times
Via: Phone Arena

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