AppleCare+ iPhone screen repairs are now $29 a pop, any other damage sets you back $99

No one wants to think about this, but even a robust, water-resistant device like the spanking new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can sometimes break. If that happens, God forbid, the AppleCare+ protection plan will save you a lot of hassle and, possibly, quite a bit of money, extending your standard one-year limited warranty with an additional 12 months.

For a flat admission fee of $129 ($99, as far as the iPhone SE is concerned), plus a $29 “service” charge, you’ll now be able to quickly, painlessly fix a busted-up screen, no questions asked. A second accidental screen damage situation up to two years from your iPhone’s original purchase date requires an extra $29 service fee, unless you also break something else, in which case you need to cough up a much steeper $99.

That still beats out-of-warranty repairs though, and while it’s $20 pricier than before for SE, 6, 6 Plus and older models, you’ll probably understand the hike, seeing as how there wasn’t a separate, way cheaper screen damage rehabilitation program until now.

Bottom line, two-year display replacement for the iPhone 7, 6s, SE, 6 and all previous generations under AppleCare+ is more affordable than ever, whereas other repairs are slightly costlier for some iOwners. We’re going to call that progress all in all.

Source: Apple 
Via: 9To5Mac

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