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Apple working on foldable iPad to compete with the foldable Surface?

By Anton D. Nagy July 5, 2019, 7:00 pm

Patent applications reveal that Microsoft is working on what could possibly end up being a foldable Surface tablet, but Apple isn’t standing on the sidelines of this foldable device game. Known for being late to the party, but finding a way to impress the world, Apple is working on a foldable iPad, according to analysts that claim knowledge of the iPhone-maker’s plans.

The size of this foldable iPad would allegedly be close to the current MacBook line-up, so think anywhere between 11 and 15 inches. “As soon as next year” is what the report predicts in terms of a possible products launch, and the alleged foldable iPad would come with 5G connectivity features, and a powerful Apple A-series processor.


With 5G support and a “highly portable” footprint, the foldable iPad could potentially appeal to business consumers. However, the report rightfully acknowledges that, before a foldable iPad, Apple needs to solve the 5G iPhone problem, as it is the only top 3 company to not have a 5G-capable smartphone on the market.


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