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Apple working on an Apple TV-HomePod hybrid and a smart display: Report

By Nadeem Sarwar April 12, 2021, 10:55 am
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When it comes to smart home devices, Apple lacks a strong product portfolio, which also explains its small market share compared to the likes of Amazon. However, the company is looking to bolsters its efforts in the smart home devices segment. As per a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on two devices – one that amalgamates the Apple TV box with a speaker, and the other is essentially a smart display that combines an iPad with a HomePod speaker.

The report adds the Apple TV-HomePod hybrid will also come equipped with a camera that will allow video calling via the connected TV, somewhat like the Portal TV device from Facebook. Of course, it will serve its true purpose of watching video content and playing games as well. However, it is unclear if it will support 4K resolution, and whether Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certifications will be a part of the package too.

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Apple is reportedly working on .

Apple is also reportedly working on a smart display as well. And as expected, this one is rumored to combine an iPad with a HomePod speaker. While the category is not new, there will be one notable feature – subject tracking. The device will be able to follow users around the room, thanks to a robotic arm connecting the screen and speaker parts of the device. Amazon already has a device on the shelf called Echo Show 10 that automatically adjusts the angle by following movements.

However, both the products are in the early stages of development, and it is possible that they might either be canceled, or the final product might look much different than what has been described above. Also, it is unclear whether Apple will modify the original HomePod speaker – the one that has been discontinued – or if it will go with fresh speaker hardware. We first heard about Apple working on a smart display last month, but it is said to be a tad far off from an official launch.

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