Apple wins smartphone, tablet, laptop and online music trophies for customer engagement

Despite declining iPhone shipment numbers and overall company profits, Apple enjoyed another great year of super-persuasive marketing, strong user engagement and steady customer loyalty. Those latter two success indicators sound decidedly subjective, and they probably are just that, which is why NY-based research firm Brand Keys asked almost 50,000 people for their obviously personal views and feelings.

You know how they say the customer is always right? Well, this fairly large group of American customers believes Apple’s levels of engagement and loyalty are higher than everyone else’s in the smartphone, tablet, laptop and online music businesses.

Apple Music’s win over arch-rival Spotify is by far the most surprising of the four, although it’s also worth pointing out that we’ve only seen one new iPad released last year, with recent MacBooks and iPhones widely criticized as well.

Brand Keys aims to “paint a detailed picture of the category drivers that engage customers, engender loyalty and drive real profits” across domains as diverse as airlines, banks, beer, gasoline, hotels, snacks, tequila and toys. As far as other tech and online-related surveys are concerned, PayPal, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook were the predictable victors of the e-payment, e-tail, video streaming, search and social network battles.

Facebook also prevailed in the IM division, Lyft trumped Uber for the app-based rideshare crown, AT&T unexpectedly topped its wireless phone service competitors, while Beats by Dr. Dre and LG were tied in first place in the headphones section. Finally, LG triumphed in the flat-screen TV war against Samsung, which wasn’t able to take home a single gold medal. Now that’s got to hurt!

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