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Apple will notify UK iPhone owners if iOS updates affect performance

By Anton D. Nagy May 23, 2019, 11:00 am

If you have an iPhone and you live in the U.K., you might be notified if an update will affect the performance of your device. The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority conducted an investigation after last year Apple admitted that it was tampering with the iPhone’s performance in order to extend battery life.

To ensure compliance with consumer law Apple has formally agreed to improve the information it provides to people about the battery health of their phones and the impact performance management software may have on their phones — U.K.

Apple has agreed to notify users if subsequent iOS updates applied to the phone will affect in any way the battery or speed performance of the iPhone.

Apple believes that its iPhones were not defective, that the performance management feature introduced with iOS updates 10.2.1 and 11.2 was intended to, and did, improve customers’ user experience, and that the Company did not make any misleading statements or fail to disclose any material information. The Company has accrued its best estimate for the ultimate resolution of these matters. — Apple

While Apple was not available for a comment as per CNBC’s report, it is possible that other countries will force Apple to send out similar notifications. The iPhone maker already has notifications in place regarding the performance of iPhones on its website, and is offering the tools required to check on that inside iOS.

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