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Apple will allow developers to port Chrome extensions to Safari

By Prakhar Khanna June 26, 2020, 3:14 am
macOS Big Sur

Apple detailed macOS Big Sur earlier this week when it took the virtual stage for WWDC 2020. The company talked about how it had redesigned the next OS to look more modern. It also announced some enhancements to Safari. However, it detailed the new WebExtensions API at a WWDC session, which was spotted by TechCrunch.

Apple’s new tools will allow developers to take their existing Chrome, Firefox or Edge extensions and port them to Safari using a converter the company has created to speed up to process. It means developers will not have to learn Objective-C or Swift, which are of limited use outside of Apple’s ecosystem. Like other Safari plug-ins, the new web-based ones will be available for download through the App Store.

Moreover, Apple will notify users of the privacy risks as some extensions ask for multiple permissions before they run. Therefore, before you activate an extension, you’ll be able to restrict it on either only some websites or a single active tab. You will also be allowed to limit how long an extension runs to a single day.

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