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Here are all the changes to Apple Watch in watchOS 7 (Update)

By Nirave June 22, 2020, 2:41 pm
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Today is WWDC day, where Apple usually takes to the stage in front of a crowd of people to reveal all the changes in the new software versions for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. This year, Apple has a professionally pre-recorded presentation where it’s unveiling a lot, including a host of new changes for Apple Watch in watchOS 7.

Some of the biggest changes come in complications, which is how Apple adds widget-style information containers to the Apple Watch homepage. Developers can now enable more than one type of complication, meaning you can have the same complication on different watch faces. For example, a runner might create a running watch face, while a surfer may want a surfing watch face.


Apple has also made it really easy to share watch faces with other people, whether with your friends via iMessage, or with readers via websites and magazines. Installing someone’s shared watch face is simple, and it means you can finally ask your friends to share their watch face with a single tap.

Maps on Apple Watch have also had some improvements, including the addition of cycling directions as well as contextual service recommendations, such as bike repair shops, etc.

One of the major changes is the rebranding of the Activity app; it’s now called Fitness. Most people use an Apple Watch for its fitness abilities, and the Workout app can now track different dance workouts, such as hip hop, cardio, Latin dance, etc. As your body moves to the beat, your Apple Watch uses advanced sensor fusion as it understands you use more than just your arms to dance, and it matches your cardio burn so those activity rings are accurately updated.

The biggest addition to WatchOS 7 is also one of the most requested: WatchOS 7 finally brings sleep tracking. Including everything from bedtime schedules and alarms, to breathing tracking and heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking is going to be a huge addition to the Apple Watch. Now, if only the battery didn’t need to be charged every night!

In light of the current pandemic, watchOS 7 also adds a handwashing feature that’ll help you ensure you’re washing your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds.

Additionally, the Apple Watch will benefit from Siri’s improvements as of watchOS 7. Users will benefit from improved dictation which will come in handy when replying to texts, or searching using your spoken queries.

Last, but not least, the Apple Watch will alert you if you’re spending too much time in a noisy environment. Ideally, you want to spend less than 40 hours per week in an environment that’s louder than 80 decibels. With watchOS 7, your Apple Watch will alert you if you are reaching this particular limit.


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