Apple may not be your favorite technology company, and it’s first-generation smartwatch might be a little pricey for your taste, but any device that outstrips the competition’s annual sales in a single day demands attention. Our own Adam Doud stayed up pretty late a few weeks back to order up a Sport edition, and now that it’s hit Pocketnow’s Boston offices, it’s time to kick off the first step in the review process: the Apple Watch unboxing.

In this video, we take you through the process of freeing the Apple Watch Sport from its retail packaging, stripping away box, then box-within-a-box, then finally the protective plastic enclosure (complete with a delightfully crinkly peel-off on the delam-cam). Then we offer up some initial impressions of the Apple Watch’s aluminum casing and its fluoro-elastomer band, before taking you through the setup process step-by-step to show you how different the Apple Watch is –and isn’t– from the competition.

We’re obviously going to give the Apple Watch the full review treatment, complete with feature tours and comparisons, in the weeks ahead. Until then, let us know what you want to know about the Apple Watch: sound off down in the comments!

Apple Watch unboxing

We know we’ve been hitting you folks with more unboxing videos than usual these days. It’s good news; it means we’re getting more review devices in and we’re busier than ever before! But if you want something more substantial, you don’t have to look far: check out our recent review of the Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3, our real-world durability test of the “self-healing” LG G Flex 2, and our IFA GPC 2015 round-up!

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