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Apple Watch Sport owners already complaining about signs of wear and tear

By Jaime Rivera August 20, 2015, 7:37 pm

Signs of wear and tear are common to gadgets, and particularly to wearables. The Apple Watch is not exempt to this, even if the price tag of the most affordable model is still higher than every other smartwatch in the market. The question is if you’re really getting your money’s worth, and today we read about it.

Apple Discussion Forums and even Reddit has a good amount of posts complaining about the durability of the Apple Watch Sport. Users of the Space Gray model complain about the Apple Logo and even the text behind the Apple Watch to already be wearing off. Others complain that the watch bands are also not behaving according to their price tag. Some users of the Apple Watch Sport already claim that Apple has offered a free replacement which is good, but we haven’t heard about those complaining about the watch band.

So far our Apple Watch review unit has a couple of significant scratches on the glass, and the white watch band has began to show how prone it is to stains. Stay tuned for our After The Buzz episode of the Apple Watch as we dig deeper into the topic.

Source: Apple Discussion Forums, Reddit
Via: Cult Of Mac

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