The Apple Watch sport has proven to be one of the best selling Apple wearables so far, and it makes sense given the price difference with the stainless steel Apple Watch. That said, there is a level of compromise as aluminum is not a common material for Watches, or at least not as common as stainless steel, and neither is the Ion-X glass used on the Apple Watch Sport when compared to sapphire. We already know that sapphire is second only to diamonds when it comes to durability, but it seems Ion-X didn’t do so well.

A recent video from Unbox Therapy has emerged on YouTube testing the Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X glass against a few common scratch scenarios. It was first tested with keys and survived, a knife and also survived, and even steel wool, and it also survived. Things didn’t go so well when tested against sandpaper though. Even though the grit level of the sandpaper wasn’t provided, the Ion-X glass was sadly scratched very badly on both tests conducted. Surely it’s not like if you’ll spend the day sanding the display of your watch, but sandpaper does a good job at mimicking a regular concrete wall, so this does give you a good idea of what’ll happen to your watch if you strike it against a wall by accident. Let’s admit it, we’ve all faced that specific scenario at some point.

Keep in mind though that even though the source claims that this is Apple Watch Sport Ion-X glass, we can’t confirm that it is. We’re two days away from the Apple Watch reaching consumers, so let’s see how that goes after a few days of use.

Source: Unbox Therapy
Via: MacRumors

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