If you perhaps don’t happen to wear an Apple Watch to “close your rings” and maybe just want a smart partner on your wrist with the one button you need to do anything in life, perhaps you should keep this story in mind.

24-year-old Kacie Anderson was stopped at an intersection with her 9-month-old child in tow. They were then hit by a drunk driver, sending everything “airborne” inside the car and giving Anderson a head check.

“My hands flew around to feel for my phone and then I realized I had my watch on and commanded it to call 911,” Anderson told Shape.

Those who have an Apple Watch can hold the crown button to trigger a call to emergency services either through the linked iPhone or on the watch itself if it’s a Series 3 Cellular model.

An ambulance whisked both mother and son soon after the call was placed. Anderson went through a severe concussion and ruptured neck muscles and is still seeking treatment for two bulging discs. Her son, though, is just fine. Overall, it could be worse at this point.

And if you think you’ve heard this kind of story before, Apple had introduced the Apple Watch Series 3 with an advertisement featuring people reading the letters they wrote to Apple thanking the company for making the Apple Watch — one of those stories belonging to a person who used the SOS feature after surviving a car crash.

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